Outdoor activities in Vietnam


1. Kayaking around the islands of Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay is listed as one of Seven Natural Wonders of the World due to its splendor sight of around 2000 scattered islets and caves sprouting from the turquoise water. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most worth-visit destinations in any Vietnam tour.

In Ha Long Bay, visitors can join in various exciting activities such as swimming, snorkeling, hopping on a luxury cruise, and especially, kayaking over the bay. Paddling through a huge space combined with water and mountains, blue and green is definitely an unforgettable feeling. Thousands of limestone islands and satellite caves rising from deep under the turquoise water make a breathtaking scenery that you don’t want to miss the chance to have a closer look right on the water surface.

2. Trekking in Sapa

Vietnam is well-known for 54 ethnic groups that living along the country. However, the best place to get a glimpse of ethnic’s culture and tradition is the highland in the Northern Vietnam, especially Sapa town.

Sapa is full of wonderful rice terraced fields that mesmerize every single visitor coming here. Rent a bike trekking through the quaint clay soil roads right under the foot of mountains and hills, chat with locals to understand their daily activities, and sample the pure cuisine belonged to the hill areas of Vietnam.

3. Drive a motorbike

In everywhere in Vietnam, you can catch the image of lines after lines motorbikes moving in the street. Why don’t you try to drive one and experience the exciting feeling?

Due to the quaint and small streets of Vietnam, riding a motorbike is the best way to explore every corner of this country. It surely takes a little time to get familiar with a strange vehicle, but once you can control, it becomes an unforgettable experience. Riding through the heavy traffic jam of Hanoi, you can feel that become a superhero!

4. Go diving in Nha Trang

Vietnam stretches over a long land being adjacent to the East Sea that is an important advantage to develop the tourism. In many touristy areas nearby the beaches, there is a special service that 365travel.asia would like to recommend is diving, especially in Nha Trang.

Vietnam is still a newbie in the field of scuba diving, but it doesn’t mean the service cannot meet the expectation. Hop on a driving tour, you will get closer to the crystal-clear water of Vietnam beach and take a deep breath of abundant life belonged to the marine wildlife.

5. Paddling a board in Mui Ne

A short scenic drive from Ho Chi Minh City, Mui Ne Bay stands not only as one of the best beach resorts in Vietnam but also serves as the best places for paddling a board.

Paddling a board is an amazing experience combining surfing and kayaking. While enjoying, you can have a chance to chat with local fishermen to have a deeper understanding of their daily life. Moreover, Mui Ne is a paradise for those who have a passion on the photograph.