Must-visit places in Son La

Son La- a province in the northwest area of Vietnam is immaculately remains its wild. Besides majestic landscapes of a mountainous region, Son La provides you chances to discovery cultural identity of 12 peoples living here.

Dai Yem waterfall

This site relates to settlement history of Thai people at Muong Sang in ancient time, Moc Chau nowadays. Dai Yem waterfall is such a naturally astounding present that indigenous people deeply respect.

Besides the name Dai Yem, this waterfall is known for another rustic name- Ban Vat, and a poetic name- Her. The name Her implies a comparation between the attractiveness of this waterfall and the beauty of a woman at the full-moon age.

Mong village

Mong village is an ecotourism integrating with convalescence and appealing cultural traits. Locating in Hua La commune, Son La town, this village with its breathtaking sceneries attracts tourists the most. Futhermore, undulating mountains look like a weaving dragon reflecting itself into Nam La river. On the hillside do apricot, plum, pine, coffee trees and bamboo grow lushly.

When spring comes, wild plum blossom, plum blossom, and mountain-ebony blooms the whole mountain completely white, and hives of bees create amusing atmosphere. When winter comes, Erythrina Orientalis colorfies stilt houses with brilliant red blossoms. In additon, the fairly cold coming is the most approriate time to dip in thermae.

Heart tea hills in Moc Chau

At this land, the tea’s color and its smell spread the entire area. Among tea hills at Moc Chau, the one with five heart shapes interlocking is the most famous, particularly for couples. Staying on the road leading to Ban On five caves, this site is a favorite selection for many coulpes for their wedding photography.

These tea hills is about 15 kilometers to the northeast from Moc Chau town center. Smelling the fresh of tea under the beautiful sunlight and admiring clouds flowing slowly will wash all your tiredness away. You can pick a tea bud then taste its bitter but sweet flavor in your mouth. Close your eyes and suddenly see you are flying among fluffy clouds.

Even in winter, branches are barely dry or in spring, young shoots freshly grow, this location is always completely surrounded by a natural green on green color. That is why visitors consider it as their best-loved destination.

Chieng Khoi lake

Chieng Khoi is an artificial lake that was built in 1971 with 45 meters in height and 110 meters in length dam and was finished building in 1980. Chieng Khoi lake basically is the bottom of a valley. It is located in Pu village, Chieng Khoi commune, Yen Chau district.

Surrounding the lake are limestone mountains and hills full of soil. Besides, some wild vegetables such as several specific kinds of bamboo shoots, and mushrooms as well as numerous kinds of birds together degisn a perfect combination of nature. When you visit this lake, you not only go sightseeing but also experience distinctive cultural traditions of ethnic minorities.